How Aluminum’s Recyclability Helps The Planet

How Aluminum’s Recyclability Helps The Planet

While the aluminum products we use every day do not last forever, the aluminum that composes them can. As one of the most recyclable metals in the world, aluminum is a leading product for the conservation of our planet. We usually think of used beverage containers as our main source of aluminum recycling, but it is one of the most widely used metals which is able to keep up with our growing industries and concerns for the environment.

How Recyclable Is Aluminum?

Aluminum is infinitely recyclable because it retains all of its properties when broken down and reused. Aluminum that gets thrown away instead of recycled ends up taking space in our landfills. More than $700 million worth of aluminum cans go unrecycled every year which wastes the potential energy of our earth. Every time potentially recyclable garbage is sent to a landfill instead of being reused, we pollute more greenhouse gases into the environment. The creation of virgin or previously unused materials costs 90% more energy than recycling old material. The process of aluminum recycling can also be constantly done. About 75% of all aluminum produced by the U.S. is still in circulation today.

Benefits of Recycling Aluminum

For many resources, the cost of recycling them does not yield much profit. They are done merely out of conservation of the planet. Aluminum, through the collection of waste disposal services and the breaking down and reusing of it, more than pays for itself. Because so much of the material is preserved when aluminum gets recycled the process is profitable. Shipping the material in from other countries also costs energy and resources. This makes it beneficial not only for the environment but also for sustaining the finances of communities to use and reuse aluminum.

Domestic waste is funded by local or national taxes, but commercial waste is often dealt with by commercial services. These services looking for the biggest profit often opt for the cheapest disposal methods. However, those looking for better profits will want to recycle their aluminum. In this way, aluminum promotes the conservation of resources despite capitalistic priorities. The energy required to make one aluminum can from a fresh bauxite ore be used to make 20 cans from recycled resources.

Waste Products

Technically there is a limited amount of metal available for mining from the earth. While the earth is much larger than we imagine it to be and there are many metals that rise to the surface from the core, this takes an extremely long time to occur which is out of our reach. Aluminum is the most reusable metal used in construction and many other industries. The use of steel is very similar to the use of aluminum today, but its percent of reusability is 56 compared to the 92 of aluminum. Water is another resource used in the production of new metals. By recycling aluminum water is also conserved.

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