What Is Fluropon?

What Is Fluropon?

The most vivid and durable materials are required to keep up with the aesthetics and extremes of modern architecture and advertising. Prepainted aluminum Fluropon offers long-term durability, excellent color consistency, and resistance for sheet metal construction.

How Fluropon Is Applied

Fluropon coatings are shop-applied to aluminum by a spray coating method. In this process, coatings are cleaned and chemically pretreated. Two layers of primer surround the pretreated metal layer. A double layer of coating is applied to the surface of the pretreated substrate. The strength of this coat prevents a lot of heat by reflecting 70% of ultraviolet rays. This conserves energy on air conditioning which helps the environment and business budgets. The process of coating is also done safely for the environment. Any volatile organic content from the coating process will be captured and destroyed before it can escape into the atmosphere. The powerful chemical bond not only gives resistance to the sun but also to weathering. Chalking or powdering of the surface is prevented and brighter colors retain their vividness for a long time.


Many studies on color psychology prove its power to affect moods. Having a diverse amount of colors at their disposal allows a company to lift the spirits of their employees or encourage their customers to stay longer. The wide palette of colors and surface textures available to aluminum Fluropon coatings can meet many intricate design demands. The amazing potential of Fluropon is its ability to shift, shine, and sparkle like a gem, and also to withstand weather and pressure like a metal. The visual effects created by color shifts in Fluropon surfaces can appear like they are moving. When passing by such material, the color will shift based on lighting. This stands out and catches the eye more than a static image. The ability for Fluropon surfaces to shine and sparkle is especially useful for making darker color surfaces appear more vividly at night time. Hundreds of colors are available and even if the perfect color isn’t available we can create a unique one.

Wrisco Painted Sheet Metal

The many types of aluminum available for construction can be provided by Wrisco Industries, Inc. Our specialized machinery allows for the coiling of aluminum sheets for delivery to any building project. Our product is used in many industries and not only has the ability to form to whatever industry needs it but also to any need of those industries. Contact Wrisco now to take advantage of the best aluminum sheet metal products.