ALPOLIC Corporate ID Program

ALPOLIC Corporate ID Program

Corporate identity and branding are important for customer recognition and familiarity. Keeping a consistent logo or design all throughout a company’s locations will promote the visibility of a business. ALPOLIC’s corporate ID program simplifies the process of maintaining a persistent image throughout many locations with a reliable aluminum sheet metal product.

ALPOLIC’s Product and the Corporate ID Program

Aluminum is used superfluously in the construction industry nowadays, and creative building design is no different. The material mostly used in many of the ALPOLIC metal sheets is aluminum, but composites are much stronger than any one material by itself. Flatness, rigidity, formability, and lightweight allow countless applications for creating any different corporate logos or for creating consistent objects in mass production. Because they are easier to fabricate, complex forms can be created without the use of specialized equipment. Many builders with normal woodworking or metalworking tools, whether drilling, bending, rolling, cutting, grooving, or many other techniques can form the right shapes necessary to get the right image.

Make Your Business Stand Out

A storefront can be one of the most valuable, but also one of the most neglected parts of a store location. The constant weathering, sunlight rays, and changing thermal conditions exposed to a sign can fade its color and visibility. The durability and resistance to these more extreme conditions is important for a sign that not only will be difficult to maintain for the majority of employees but also for one of the greatest assets to a business.

Wrisco distributes ALPOLIC’s aluminum products and sheet metal for many applications. The brand logo and outdoor sign are the focus of the ALPOLIC Corporate ID program, but there are many other uses. Some of the exterior architectural uses include fascia, storefronts, curtain walls, and canopies. Other miscellaneous uses include store fixturing, food service merchandisers, kiosks, point-of-purchase displays, and trade show exhibits.

Every Need in One Product

Retail, automotive dealers, gas stations, convenience stores, department stores, food services, and hospitality are just some of the many corporations that can benefit from the corporate ID program. The lightweight and easy to attach ALPOLIC panel systems have proven to be perfect for building cladding. The time and money spent in construction can be reduced because less labor is required and less unique materials are required since the formable aluminum can be used in such a variety of ways.

A wide range of colors is available to get the exact shade that a company needs for their branding. As important as color is to influencing decisions and moods, getting a slightly different shade can drastically change the intended effect. Wrisco, an aluminum sheet metal distributor can offer finishes for matte, solid, mica, metallic, prismatic, timber, stone, decorative, multi-color, natural, and anodized textures. Any visual effect can be created with our knowledge of architectural design.

The composite metals distributed by Wrisco are made of recycled materials. We are a sustainable business looking to change the face of buildings around the world.