What Is Anodized Aluminum?

What Is Anodized Aluminum?

Many individuals and businesses purchase anodized aluminum sheets in bronze and several other colors but aren’t aware of what it is and how it benefits them. It’s easy to overlook the processes that go into anodizing aluminum and its importance. Aluminum as a metal base has become increasingly popular due to its lightweight and malleable nature. Although normally not as strong as steel or other metals, aluminum becomes far stronger as soon it goes through the anodizing process.

What To Know About Anodized Aluminum

  • The Process Of Anodizing
  • Benefits of Anodized Aluminum
  • Applications of Anodized Aluminum

Process of Anodizing

The process of anodizing aluminum sheets or any other piece of aluminum begins with the actual aluminum product you wish to anodize. To begin the anodizing process, the aluminum is dipped into an acid electrolyte solution. An electric current is then passed through the solution. A cathode is then placed in the acid electrolyte solution, as the aluminum acts as the anode. Oxygen ions are then released from the solution and combine with the aluminum’s atoms. This top layer of aluminum then becomes thicker due to the oxygen ions and aluminum atoms combining.

Benefits Of Anodized Aluminum

Anodizing aluminum offers a wide range of benefits vs other metals. Anodized aluminum becomes extremely tough and non-corrosive. It’s less likely to chip and break in comparison to other metals. The anodized layer of aluminum is thin in comparison to some industrial paints and powders. Anodized aluminum is very customizable, as it’s used for several different applications and can be made with any color. Anodized Aluminum is also very eco-friendly and can easily be utilized for other products should it be recycled.

Applications Of Anodized Aluminum

Anodized aluminum has a remarkably wide range of uses. It is typically used in many aircraft parts, as well as household appliances such as refrigerators, outdoor barbeques, and furniture. Anodized aluminum is also used in products such as baseball bats and televisions. Anodized Aluminum is starting to be used more frequently on the exterior of buildings as it’s far more weather resistant than other metals and requires less maintenance throughout the years.
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