The Different Types Of Prefinished Aluminum And Their Uses

The Different Types Of Prefinished Aluminum And Their Uses

There are many beneficial reasons to choose aluminum extrusions for your next project. Firstly, aluminum is quite versatile. Meaning, it can quickly be processed to be lightweight, thin, bendable, and crushable by human hands. Aluminum can also be one of the toughest metals on earth. From vehicles to aircrafts, trust knowing aluminum is capable of keeping you safe and secure.

One decision you may come across is deciding which type of prefinished aluminum is right for your project. Prefinished aluminum can improve corrosion resistance as well as enhance the appearance of the aluminum the choice is up to you.

Here are the types of prefinished aluminum that we at WRISCO offer. 

Top Prefinished Aluminum and Its Use

With more than fifty color choices to select from, WRISCO’s prefinished aluminum is sure to benefit your business. We process the aluminum using the highest quality aluminum coil on a computerized cut-to-length production line.

The aluminum sheets are then leveled, sheeted, and blanked to guarantee slit-metal excellence. We also provide special widths and lengths of aluminum sheet metal when you need it.

At WRISCO Industries Inc, we offer a wide assortment of prefinished aluminum sheets and sheet metals that include:

Pre Painted Aluminum   

Also referred to as painted aluminum or painted aluminum sheet finishes, our Pre Painted Aluminum Sheet Finishes offer excellent durability for indoor and outdoor exposures.

The pre-painted aluminum sheets we offer are hard, abrasive, and have high resistance to coating. However, the flexibility allows for extensive forming as well as fabrication.

Anodized Aluminum Sheet

The anodized aluminum sheet is a state-of-the-art process that creates perfectly colored aluminum sheets for exterior uses. Having aluminum anodized increases the resistance to abrasions as well as improving brake forming characteristics.

Applying a bright anodized finish to aluminum maximizes the reflective traits of the metal sheet.

The anodized aluminum sheet is highly recommended for outside use requiring high fade resistance.

Pre Painted Aluminum Fluropon® – 70% PVDF

Are you in need of aluminum sheet metal that offers superior, lifelong durability? Pre-painted aluminum fluropon® is the best option for forming and fabricating sheet metal.

Fluropon® – 70% PVDF allows the sheet metal to maintain excellent color consistency as well as providing superior opposition to the most damaging pollutants.   

Mill Finish Aluminum Sheets

When you need to fabricate or custom paint finish aluminum, mill finish aluminum sheets are the ideal solution.

Mill finish aluminum sheets are capable of providing an array of job demand possibilities due to its range of application possibilities.

Aluminum Tread Brite

Aluminum tread brite is the perfect option for architectural and industrial uses. No matter the size or gauge of aluminum brite tread you need, the result is always a high-quality product.

From pre-painted to tread brite aluminum, no matter what type of aluminum sheets you need, WRISOC has got you covered. We have the aluminum sheet metal options with the most durability and versatility.

At WRISCO, we take immense pride in being the industry leader in aluminum and stainless steel products with over 100 years of supplying unmatched quality for our customers.

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