The Ultimate Guide To Sheet Aluminum

The Ultimate Guide To Sheet Aluminum

Sheet aluminum has been a powerful tool used in the development of projects throughout the world. Various project managers have often relied on sheet aluminum to provide them with benefits that no other metal can offer. And whether you are a project manager yourself or an architect, you will find that sheet aluminum can benefit you, too. But if you are unaware of the advantages that sheet aluminum offers, then continue reading below. Wrisco has been the top leading industry expert of sheet aluminum for decades and knows a thing or two about this metal’s amazing properties. We have compiled our knowledge and created the ultimate guide to sheet aluminum so that you can inform yourself of the properties of what is regarded as the “world’s best sheet metal”. 

Why is Sheet Aluminum Highly Sought After?

Sheet aluminum is so highly sought after because aluminum by itself has a myriad of properties that have proven to provide the most advantages. Due to this, you will see sheet aluminum being utilized by countless architects and project managers in the construction of buildings. It is energy-efficient, rust/corrosion resistant, cost-effective, and even durable enough to keep a building standing strong for a long time. These advantageous traits of this metal are what make sheet aluminum a highly-valuable commodity.

Density to Strength Ratio

Compared to other metals, aluminum has shown to be the most superior when it comes to strength in construction (yes, even when compared to steel!). And this is mostly due to the fact that aluminum has never failed in keeping a building’s structure long-lasting.

It has been a popular belief for the longest time that steel is a much stronger metal than aluminum. The truth, however, is that when asked of which of the two possesses the most strength, there is not a conclusive answer. Of course, if you were to take a steel ball and an aluminum ball of the same size and density, the steel ball will prove to be the stronger of the two. But it is important to note that if you were to increase the density of the aluminum ball while still retaining its size, it will be just as strong as the steel one – possibly even stronger! More so, even by increasing the density, sheet aluminum is still chosen moreover than steel due to its lightweight properties.


Other than its strength and light-weight qualities, architects and construction project managers utilize sheet aluminum because it serves as an amazing investment. Especially when it comes to energy-efficiency. As a property owner, one of your many goals is to always utilize the best ways of saving energy. And often enough, this is actually one of the greatest burdens property owners will typically deal with.

Outside heat can easily seep in and cause your A/C system to overwork itself. And the bigger the building, the more difficult it is to keep a cool interior environment. But if you are lucky enough that your building was constructed with aluminum, you will find that you do not have to worry too much about keeping things cool. Construction experts rely on windows crafted with aluminum mostly for the reason that this metal helps to create an airtight seal. Thanks to this seal, heat and other factors (e.g. dust, air, and even water) do not stand a chance in penetrating a building’s exterior. Additionally, aluminum’s reflectivity is so high that it does not absorb as much radiant heat as most other metals will. So even when the Summer months are rolling in, you can expect your building’s occupants to reside in your property comfortably.

Ultimately, when a building is built with sheet aluminum, you can be at ease knowing that your A/C will function at its fullest capability without sacrificing minimal energy usage.

Cold Temperature Makes Aluminum Stronger!

One of the best features of sheet aluminum is that even in cold temperatures, this metal still stands strong. In fact, cold climates make this sheet metal even more strong and durable than it is in normal temperatures.

If you are constructing a building that will reside in a chilled environment, then sheet aluminum will be your best choice. This is because most other sheet metals, such as steel, can easily become brittle and lose their strength. And plus, this will even require more building maintenance to be performed in order to ensure that the building’s structure is kept sound. But with aluminum, the opposite effect takes place. Aluminum will become even more hardened when in contact with other temperatures – another reason why this metal is dubbed as the world’s best sheet metal.

Wrisco’s Quality Sheet Aluminum Services

Aluminum has certainly proven its worth in being one of the best sheet metals in the world. But that does not mean the quality is equal with all distributors. In fact, it is crucial that you perform thorough research when deciding which manufacturer you want to hire. You might be interested to know that Wrisco is one of the top industry experts in the sales of sheet aluminum and has been established in the United States for more than 100 years. Additionally, Wrisco offers many products/services that provide clients with the best sheet aluminum that they cannot find anywhere else. Just to offer you a glimpse of the products we offer, we have listed some below.

Anodized Aluminum Sheets

You can beautify your building during construction thanks to Wrisco’s anodized aluminum sheets. When you hire Wrisco for this service, our industry experts can deliver clear, bronze, or even gold anodized finishes in the most beautiful variations available. With anodized aluminum sheets, you can portray a classic appearance of other metals (such as brass or stainless steel, for example) while still retaining the magnificent properties of aluminum. By applying the anodic layer to your aluminum sheets, we can make your sheets 3x harder than what aluminum is by itself. As a result, less damage will be dealt to your product during shipping and installation and it will even provide better durability down the line.

Aluminum Tread Brite Sheets

Sure, Wrisco’s aluminum sheets can help to beautify a building, but they can be utilized for a variety of other uses. When you want to simply enhance the work environment, you can trust that Wrisco’s Aluminum Tread Brite Sheets will help to create a safe workspace. The diamond design of these aluminum sheets makes them an excellent anti-slipping accessory needed for flooring. Also, their rigidity will help tremendously in concealing dents and fingerprints.

Whenever you want the best aluminum tread brite sheets, you can trust Wrisco to deliver the best quality product.

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