Product Highlight: Alpolic® Aluminum Composite Panels

Product Highlight: Alpolic® Aluminum Composite Panels

We here at Wrisco are proud to give clients the opportunity to purchase quality ALPOLIC® Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) panels for both exterior and interior applications of commercial properties. As an honored supplier of ALPOLIC® ACM panels, we have helped countless individuals effortlessly design architectural creations and plans that are made for storefront entryways, curtain walls, column covers, and much more. Besides commercial building design, ALPOLIC® ACM panels are also ideal for signage, store fixturing, kiosks and even fascia systems.

Mitsubishi Chemical Composites, Inc., the respected world leader in aluminum composite material technology, produces ALPOLIC®. So when you find yourself needing quality ACM panels, trust Wrisco as your top metal supplier in the United States and beyond.

To learn more about what makes ACM panels so highly desirable, continue reading below.

All About ALPOLIC® Aluminum Composite Panels

ALPOLIC® ACM panels possess numerous qualities that make them the ideal commercial building material of choice. Out of all of them, the most prominent of these include:

High-End Durability

Our ACM panels are highly durable and resistant to weather and stains.

Their lightweight quality makes them ideal for ease of use during construction. However, do not be fooled by their weight. ACM panels are very dense and provide the best protection from outside elements. Other than providing protection, ACM panels’ durability will allow these panels to last for a long time as they will retain their shape and size, no matter how severe the weather is outside. So regardless, if you live in a region where harsh weather is common, your ACM panels will surely live through such conditions for years to come. Besides sheer strength, ACM panels are incredibly resistant to corrosion. More so, thanks to their density, occupants of your commercial property will reside in your building peacefully with reduced sounds that come from the outside.

Generally, when you want only the strongest material around for your commercial property, look no further than to our ALPOLIC® ACM panels!

Economical Benefits

Construction costs can often be frustrating to handle. Nevertheless, you can make it much more bearable with our ACM panels, as they are one of the most cost-effective products on the market. ACM panels offer a low initial cost and do not need any maintenance whatsoever. As a result, their inclusion in your projects will make your construction costs substantially lower compared to most other projects you have taken on. Moreover, their presence in your architectural design does not only financially benefit you, but also financially benefits property owners as they provide increased thermal comfort. Thanks to this, property owners can save costs on energy, gas expenses during the winter and summer months.

Safe For Construction

Aluminum requires extremely high temperatures in order for it to melt (1202° Fahrenheit), but unless your ACM panels are constantly in close contact with high heat, melting metal is unlikely to happen in your building. In addition, because aluminum does not burn, Wrisco’s ACM panels make excellent products for a safe construction method. Thanks to their design, your ACM panels will not ever emit fumes or gasses that could be harmful to occupants of your commercial property or even the environment surrounding your property.

Where Can ALPOLIC® Aluminum Composite Panels be Applied?

Just about any building project can be completed with the inclusion of our ACM panels. Some of the most popular projects that our clients buy our ACM panels for include:


As mentioned earlier, our ACM panels are great for architectural applications. This is not just simply because our panels are great for easy construction.

While ACM panels are easily malleable and can be installed just about anywhere, they can also make very appealing and eye-catching materials.

Corporate Branding

Both the versatility and flexibility of our ACM panels are what make these products most ideal for corporate branding at storefronts, offices and much more. If you need something to help make easier signage, do not hesitate at all in taking advantage of our ACM Panels. ALPOLIC® ACM panels are easy to use and will make your work much more bearable to perform.

Gas Stations

While they may not seem like it, gas stations are constructed with multiple architectural applications. With the use of our ACM panels, you can construct similar features such as canopies, facades and even signs.

Choose Wrisco to be Your ALPOLIC® ACM Panel Supplier

Wrisco has been providing its quality services for many years, making them one of the most trusted aluminum metal suppliers in the entire nation. Many architects and construction project managers choose Wrisco for their quality ALPOLIC® ACM panels. By choosing ALPOLIC®, we feel more than certain you will benefit tremendously from your new panels, adding you to Wrisco’s growing list of satisfied customers. For any inquiries, you may visit Wrisco’s Contact Page HERE.