A Message From Our President

A Message From Our President

“Being accountable and willing to do the greater good for the company”

Greg Keown, President of Wieland Metal Services, explains his view of our value “Ownership”.

What Ownership means to me….  I like to use analogies, and this is one a former high school coach gave me many decades ago and it goes like this:” You don’t have to hold peoples feet to the fire when they are willing to walk across the hot coals on their own.”

And if you think about that, how you create that mindset and culture, three to four things come to mind.

One is: High trust in one another. Two: Believe in the mission and believe in your colleagues. Three: willing to take risk and accept failure. And four: Being accountable and willing to do the greater good for the company. You do not have to be told what to do.

If you look back to Wieland, the evolvement of many decades and hundreds of years. It was built, upon its people, people who took pride in their craft and cared about the outcomes of their daily work. As we embark on the next 200 years of Wieland, it is our accountability – whether you are in sales, marketing, HR, a mill operator, whatever the role – we all have an opportunity to take ownership in our work and be a part of the Wieland legacy.

Greg Keown 

President Wieland Metal Services