All About Wrisco’s Endurex Products

All About Wrisco’s Endurex Products

Wrisco’s Endurex exterior architectural products provide a substitution to glass for a window frame, curtain-wall, or storefront. The purpose of this is to extend the life of a building while also giving off the appearance of a glass panel. These metal panels are more durable than glass and can easily match the design of a building with the different finishing options.

What Is Endurex Made From

The Endurex product is composed of a stabilizer positioned between two sheets of aluminum. There are many options for the type of aluminum, core, and appearance of the finish to allow flexibility for any architectural design. These components offer great fire and moisture resistance

The stabilizer core is a solid thermoplastic that will stay dry and firm against harsh weather conditions. A composite stabilizer can also be formed for extra resistant properties, making it the ideal choice for all glazing and storefront applications.

Why Choose Endurex Over Traditional Glazing

The Endurex exterior architectural products are not just a durable product. They are extremely usable for construction projects because of their ability to be cut in sizes appropriate for the space provided. Polyester paint finishes can also match all standard door and window designs.

The installation of Endurex is very simple because the panels are not as fragile as glass although they can be scratched. Once installed they require almost no maintenance and can be cleaned easily with a spray on detergent if necessary. This is perfect for buildings that want an appearance of glass but don’t necessarily want the functionality of glass or the responsibility of maintaining it.

Wrisco offers a wide range of options to the composition of the stabilizer core and the color of the finished metal. This assures the best possible solution and longest lasting panel for a building, storefront or curtain wall. If this exterior architectural product fits the design demands of your property, consider contacting Wrisco. We are an aluminum coiling manufacturer with many other products for construction. Call us at 561-626-5700 to learn more or order now.