Clear Anodized Aluminum

Clear Anodized Aluminum – Clear Anodized Finishes

Are you looking for a specific color, type, or finish of aluminum, such as clear anodized aluminum? At Wrisco Industries, you can find several types of clear anodized aluminum. From bright clear anodized aluminum to bright brushed clear anodized aluminum to clear satin anodized aluminum, Wrisco Industries has the versatile clear anodized finishes you need for your next project.

What Is Clear Anodized Aluminum?

Anodized aluminum applicationsAluminum is a useful but lightweight metal that can be used for all types of home projects, such as for gutters, roofing sides, chimney caps, gutters, and more! The best way to truly make aluminum shine and appear brighter than before is to transform the traditional material into clear anodized aluminum.

Process of Clear Aluminum Anodizing

The general process of aluminum anodizing allows for aluminum to be properly prepped with a chemical solution. Anodization results in the aluminum getting an electric charge, which creates a thick anodic oxide layer. With a thicker oxide layer, the material is more stiff and resistant to corrosion. This heavy-duty transformation can also be done in a variety of different dyes. However, clear anodized aluminum is the most popular and comes in several types. These versatile types of clear anodized aluminum are offered at Wrisco Industries for your own convenience.

Types of Clear Anodized Aluminum

There are many different applications for the types of clear anodized aluminum. Whether you are looking for bright clear anodized aluminum, bright brushed clear anodized aluminum, or clear satin anodized aluminum product, Wrisco Industries has the types of clear anodized aluminum you need. For applications from the architectural exterior, windows and doors, rail cars, and interior wall panels to recreational vehicles, roofing, electronics, and more, clear anodized aluminum proves to be a  great option for the finished products. Regardless of the application, Wrisco Industries has the highest quality clear anodized aluminum available on the market.

Pre-Finished Dark Bronze Anodized Aluminum Sheets, Gauges, and Sizes

  • Bright Clear Anodized Aluminum – Available in .025, .032, .040
  • Bright Brushed Clear Anodized Aluminum – Available in .025, .032, .040
  • Clear Satin Anodized Aluminum – Available in .020, .032, .040, .050, .063, .080, .090, .125

We have a large selection of stock sizes available ready to ship, but if we don’t have what you need in stock, we welcome custom width and length inquiries.

Bright Clear Anodized Aluminum

When you need the highest quality bright clear anodized aluminum product, Wrisco Industries is the manufacturing company to order from. This efficient bright clear anodized finish on the aluminum product allows for you to create professional products of your own.

Bright Brushed Clear Anodized Aluminum

Are you on the hunt for the perfectly brushed finish for your next aluminum project? Try one of the most popular finishes from Wrisco Industries, bright brushed clear anodized aluminum. This type of clear anodized aluminum allows for a gentle look that will leave your projects looking perfect.

Clear Satin Anodized Aluminum

If you need a smoother finish, then a great option for your next aluminum project from Wrisco Industries is the clear satin anodized aluminum finish. This smooth finish is a great touch to any project you may be working on.

Clear Anodized Aluminum Process

Clear anodized aluminum refers to aluminum that has gone through the clear anodized process. However, the clear anodization of aluminum does not literally mean that the aluminum becomes clear but rather refers to the fact that the aluminum undergoes an undyed anodization process. The actual appearance of clear anodized aluminum ranges from an extremely light shade of gray to a dark, richer color. The thicker the coating is, the darker the color will also be. The clear anodized aluminum process involves washing the metal with specific chemicals for the process. More specifically, the process of anodization involves aluminum being submerged into solvent baths where chemicals like sodium hydroxide, ammonium bifluoride, and other acids may be used. To sum up, the clear anodized aluminum ends up having a heavier oxide layer as a result.

Benefits of Clear Anodized Aluminum

anodized aluminum used for the siding of a skyscraper The process of anodizing aluminum and creating several types of clear anodized aluminum does provide many advantages for the type of metal. With the benefits of anodizing aluminum including making the product more stable, transparent, bright, protected, and controlled, it’s not hard to see why clear anodized aluminum is an exceptional finish for a product.


One of the major and more obvious benefits of anodizing includes that the aluminum becomes stronger and more sturdier than before. This allows for the material to be more dependable and long-lasting. So no matter what type of clear anodized aluminum you decide on for your next project, you can count on the finish being stronger than ever.

Transparency and Brightness

When undyed anodized aluminum, or clear anodized aluminum, is created, it can become more transparent with a beautiful look. The process of anodization allows for the aluminum to have an excellent, preferred shimmer. This can be essential depending on what the aluminum is being used for.

Improvement in Protection

Anodizing the aluminum makes for better insulation. Not only is the aluminum stronger than before and able to provide better protection, but anodizing also makes the aluminum unaffected by static electricity. This can be a great feature for your clear anodized aluminum project.

Temperature Control

Clear anodized aluminum is ideal because the stronger material has the ability to maintain the temperature within the boundaries of the aluminum. In other words, anodizing enables greater ability to keep thermal effects under control.

The benefits of clear anodized aluminum are large. Anodizing aluminum is a great way to strengthen the metal, and the best part is that the metal can undergo a dyed anodization. This can allow for the metal to be used for a variety of purposes from support for the home to signage.


Thanks to the lightweight qualities of our clean aluminum, its shipping costs are much less when compared with other materials. So you can expect to have it shipped to your job site or facility without it breaking the bank. Moreover, its strength-to-weight ratio also grants customers with a lower overall cost per square foot for use in projects as opposed to other metals (steel, bronze, zinc, brass, and copper) while it still offers the same visual effects. More so, our anodized aluminum is also cost-effective because there’s so much of it in the world and it’s renewable. Since it’s the only metal that is 100% recyclable, its environmental footprint is much less compared to other products. So when you’re looking to utilize the cheapest metal around, you can trust that our clear anodized aluminum is the right product for you.

High-Quality Clear Anodized Aluminum

When you need the best clear anodized aluminum finish, you can count on Wrisco Industries to provide the highest quality aluminum product. No matter what type of project you need clear anodized aluminum for, Wrisco Industries has the strength you look for in any aluminum product.

Efficient Clear Anodized Product

One of the main reasons that the best clear anodized aluminum finishes can be found at Wrisco Industries is because we have the best quality product on the market. All clear anodized aluminum will be brought clean and ready for the appropriate use.

Beautiful Appearance

Clear anodized aluminum is a great product in part because of how phenomenal it can look as a finish for a product. The uses for clear anodized aluminum are endless. In addition to this, clear anodized aluminum can be transformed to shape your specific needs for a project, such as by being roll-formed, stamped, engraved, laminated, perforated, welded, embossed, and silk screened.

Durable and Strong

Because aluminum itself is such a strong element, clear anodized aluminum keeps the same incredible properties. In fact, once it’s anodized, the surface of the metal becomes even tougher than what it was before. And this is all thanks to the anodization process itself, which creates a surface that is three times thicker than what standard aluminum provides. Additionally, on top of its increased durability, the anodized aluminum won’t chip, flake, or peel, especially when it’s processed to have a clear appearance. And this is due to the anodization process being performed with controlled oxidation, the finished product will never get weathered or rust. In general, anodized clear aluminum is one of the toughest and most versatile metal products on the market. And when you order anodized clear aluminum from us, we feel more than confident that you’ll be satisfied with its quality.


Aluminum is often known to be a very lightweight metal. And compared to copper, brass, and stainless steel, it even weighs about 60% less. Due to this, shipping the material has proven to be much more cost-effective as it will do virtually no damage to your wallet. Moreover, it’s lightweight quality can also help out in solving a variety of design issues. No matter what you’re dealing with involves architecture or designing consumer goods, whenever you require a durable, appealing, and lightweight metal material, clear anodized aluminum will provide you with the most versatile solutions.

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