Gold Anodized Aluminum

Gold Aluminum and Gold Anodized Aluminum Sheet Metal

Our gold aluminum anodized sheet metal comes in a beautiful sleek gold prepainted finish and is sure to look amazing on any project. All three gold finishes are anodized which provides extra durability.

Our prepainted aluminum sheet works exceptionally well in both indoor and outdoor environments. At Wrisco Industries Inc., our high-quality paint system offers a hard and abrasion resistant finish that maintains flexibility for extensive forming and fabrication.

Pre-finished Gold Anodized Aluminum Sheets, Gauges and Sizes

Bright Gold Anodized – Available in .025, .032 and .040
Bright Brushed Gold Anodized – Available in .032 and .040
Gold Satin Anodized – Available in .032, .040

We have a large selection of stock sizes available ready to ship, but if we don’t have what you need in stock, we welcome custom width and length inquiries.

What is Anodized Aluminum?

Anodized aluminum, including gold anodized aluminum, is created in the anodizing process where a coat of aluminum oxide forms on the surface of aluminum and integrates within the structure of the aluminum bonds. This creates a durable and corrosion-resistant coating that does not chip or peel. Combining the anodizing process with a gold color finish creates a very attractive aluminum sheet metal.

Can I Order Other Colors of Prefinished Aluminum?

Yes. Along with our gold anodized finishes we have over 53 colored aluminum sheet metal choices in stock. View our color chart or contact us today for non stock color finish requests.