How Light is Aluminum?

How Light is Aluminum?

When it comes to construction, one of the most important considerations is weight. This is especially true for large structures like skyscrapers. The lighter the materials used in construction, the less strain there will be on the foundation and supporting beams. This is why aluminum has become such a popular choice for construction in recent years. But just how light is aluminum?

How Light is Aluminum?

Aluminum is one of the lightest metals in existence. In fact, it’s about one-third as dense as iron. That means that a bar of aluminum that weighs one pound would have to be nearly three feet long to have the same weight as a one-pound iron bar. It weighs in at around 2.7 g/cm3. This makes aluminum an ideal choice for construction projects where weight is a major consideration.

Aluminum also has a very high strength-to-weight ratio. This means that it can support a large amount of weight without being too heavy itself. This makes it ideal for use in constructing aircraft and other vehicles where weight is a major factor.

Aluminum Applications

Exterior Cladding

Another common use for aluminum in architecture is exterior cladding. When used as cladding, aluminum can help protect a building from the elements while also providing an aesthetic element. Aluminum cladding is often used on the outside of commercial buildings, as it is an effective way to achieve both function and style.

Interior Elements

In addition to being used in exterior applications, aluminum is also frequently used in interior applications such as handrails, partitions, ceiling systems, and more. Thanks to its resistance to corrosion, aluminum is an ideal material for use in high-moisture areas like bathrooms and kitchens. Additionally, its smooth surface makes it easy to clean and maintain, which is always a bonus in busy areas like office buildings and schools.

So, how light is aluminum? Quite light, actually. It’s one of the lightest metals in existence and has a very high strength-to-weight ratio. That makes it ideal for use in constructing aircraft, automobiles, and other structures where weight is a major consideration. If you’re looking for a metal that won’t add too much strain on your foundation, aluminum is a great choice. Contact Wieland-Wrisco today to receive a free quote for your next aluminum sheet order!

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