How To Take Your Building Design To The Next Level With Wrisco

How To Take Your Building Design To The Next Level With Wrisco

Builders require as much design potential as their materials can provide to reach the standards of modern architecture. Painted aluminum is one of the ways they achieve this in both commercial and residential plans. Some of the benefits of pre-painted metal are the ability to fit almost any shape, long-lasting resistance to weathering, a wide range of aesthetic options, and positive environmental benefits.

Effective Construction Materials

Roofs require painted aluminum’s increased resistance to weathering because they face the brunt of rainstorms and sunlight. While the appearance of a roof doesn’t receive much appreciation, the potential resistance to sunlight helps to maintain the temperature of a building. Conserving energy used by air conditioning can help cut costs as well as benefit the environment.

Soffit and fascia are used to create a trim or underside for hanging parts of buildings. The use of painted aluminum can protect these vulnerable components while also keeping a consistent look. The formable and flexible property of aluminum makes it a popular choice for gutters and downspouts. Anodized aluminum is an even stronger composite layer added to the metal to add increased durability for these heavy duty purposes.

Interior Metal Designs

Garage doors need to be lifted easily to function while also having a strong protective layer. The perfect combination of lightweight and durable required here is found in aluminum sheet metal. Painted aluminum is also important for maintaining a consistent color to match the design of a house. Once inside the house, prepainted metal is also used extensively. Many of the appliances and products found inside a home will be made of painted aluminum, but the walling and structure will also ideally be aluminum. Some of the uses of aluminum for interiors include ceiling tiles, backsplashes, ceiling grids, wall panels, wainscoting, and column surrounds.

Whether building a large commercial structure or a small residential home, the use of painted and anodized aluminum will improve the design of a building in many aspects. Any construction plan can reach new levels of design by using painted aluminum. Wrisco is an industry leader in prefinished metal coil products for many industries. Call us now at 561-626-5700 to learn more about the different applications and products we can provide.