Outdoor Signs and Aluminum

Outdoor Signs and Aluminum

Advertisements are a big part of our outdoor environment. With aluminum, outdoor signs can express their message or stand out properly despite susceptibility to weather. Not only are street signs important to maintain visibility, but businesses will want uniquely express their location with channel letters.
Street Signs Use Robust Colorizing for Traffic
Since 1945, most signs have been constructed of sheet metal aluminum laminated to reflect car lights during low-visibility. Before the development of reflective plastics, reflectivity was the result of glass reflectors in the lettering and symbols. Because almost every street sign is made of aluminum, they are one of the more recyclable materials.

The color of certain street signs has a particular meaning. These color schemes allow the quick interpretation of roadway dangers or right-of-way instructions to keep traffic safe and productive. For example, some of the color meanings for North American roads include:

  • Red and White for stop signs.
  • Green with White letters for information and directions.
  • Brown with White letters for campgrounds and other natural sites.
  • Blue with White symbols shows rest stops for refueling and lodging. These signs accompany the logos of the specific businesses, which will require colors that are more intricate.
  • White with Black letters for speed limits or regulations.
  • Yellow with Black letters and symbols for warning or cautionary signs.
  • Orange with black letters for construction warnings and detours.

The quick recognition of these types of messages helps with the reading process. If people expect a certain type of message they can read the message faster, rather than if the message is novelty or hard to recognize. This lets drivers interpret the message more quickly and therefore distract them less from the road. More time spent focusing on the road while also being informed by road signs makes traffic safer and more efficient. Using aluminum to make these signs makes them vivid and visible to facilitate this efficiency.
Channel Letters for Business Advertising
Channel letters are the custom metal or plastic letters seen lit up at night outside of a business. These lit signs are one of the main identifiers for customers to visit a spotted location approaching or passing by, so presentation and first impressions are important. At night, these channel letter signs are useful for attracting customers.