Product Spotlight: Endurex™ 555 High Impact Hurricane Panels

Product Spotlight: Endurex™ 555 High Impact Hurricane Panels

Here at Wrisco, we pride ourselves on offering only the best and most advanced solutions to our clients nationwide. From our sheet metal fabrication systems to our custom painted aluminum, we are constantly looking for the best available resources and products to provide. Wrisco clients get to take advantage of this with our Endurex™ 555 High Impact Hurricane Panels. 

With hurricane season a constant threat to the Southeast coast of the US, commercial properties are subject to extreme winds, torrential downpours, and the potential danger for large trees and vehicles to be thrown around as if they weighed nothing. To combat these threats, our competitors offer and rely on heavy steel sheeting to provide the protection needed for your property. Unfortunately, these steel plates are difficult to work with and make installation a hassle. Through our partnership with Nudo, we’ve created a lightweight and extremely durable composite material guaranteed to outperform every other product available. 

Benefits of Endurex™ 555 Panels

Our Endurex™ 555 panels offer a wealth of advantages over traditional steel panels. From the installation process to counting on them in the harshest conditions, the Endurex™ 555 panel system is designed to be both simple and reliable. Some of the main benefits of the Endurex 555 panel system include:

  • Lightweight Installation: Our panels are much lighter than our competition’s steel plates. This cuts down installation time significantly as transportation and the actual installation of each panel does not require as much effort. Our Endurex™ 555 panels cut easily and quickly, so whether your team is working on them in your shop or at the job site, they can shape them as needed without slowing down the team. Additionally, as there’s no steel side to Endurex™panels, there’s no front or back installation guideline required. Simple, lightweight, and efficient. That is our guarantee.
  • Advanced Stabilizers: The Endurex™ 555 panels were designed with advanced stabilizers, making them impervious to any moisture. The Endurex™ stabilizers are also thinner than traditional steel plate stabilizers. That said, they have been built to be stronger than steel, allowing for higher R-Values in 1” panels.
  • Several Customization Options: As mentioned previously, Endurex™ panels can be cut and customized to fit any job’s needs and requirements. Their lightweight build makes them easy to work with, even when you need a quick cut done while at a job site. Additionally, our panels come in a wide variety of colors. All 48” width aluminum panels are available in every color, while our 60” variations only come in a limited selection. To learn more about our available colors, simply give us a call and a team member will assist.

Approved Against The Strictest Hurricane Requirements

Every year from June to November, the Gulf and Southeastern United States faces off against hurricane after hurricane, all varying in strength. Even a category 1 storm can cause severe damage to your property, which leads to unnecessary and costly repairs. With the Endurex™ 555 system, those stresses and worries become a thing of the past. The Wrisco Endurex™ 555 panel system has surpassed all national hurricane testing requirements, meaning they’re more than capable of standing up to the toughest storms. Additionally, our Endurex™ panel systems have met Miami Dade Testing Requirements, allowing architects, buyers, and Authorities Having Jurisdiction to utilize our panels even in a hurricane-prone zone. When the difference of choosing the right panels could be the difference between homes, businesses, and lives, there is no substitute for the best.

Perfect For Commercial and Residential Applications

Whether it be for a new construction neighborhood, an apartment complex, or a multipurpose tower, the Wrisco Endurex™ 555 panel systems are the perfect choice for them all. Our panels provide the necessary protection and peace of mind no matter what gets thrown at them. To learn more about the Endurex™ 555 Panel Systems, make sure to contact the Wrisco Team. With over 100 years of experience in providing the most advanced aluminum sheeting solutions, we will make sure to answer any questions you may have and walk you through every step of the ordering process, simply contact us today!