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Courtesy of NUDO

Wieland-Wrisco’s Endurex™ 555 advances the insulated “impact” or “hurricane” panel from the Stone Age to the Space Age. While other competitors rely on a heavy sheet of steel to provide the impact protection, Wieland-Wrisco, through its partnership with Nudo, has engineered a lightweight, super strong composite material that outperforms other products in the market.

  • A much lighter panel for easier handling and installation.
  • Both “inside” and “outside” surfaces provide full impact resistance.
  • Because there is no steel side, panel does not require a “Front or Back” installation guideline.
  • Cuts easily on the job or in the shop - eliminates the negatives of cutting steel.
  • Advanced stabilizers are impervious to moisture.
  • Stabilizers are thinner yet stronger than steel allowing for a higher R-Value in 1” panels, making it a better overall option for this application.
  • Wet glazing not always required.


Although lighter and much easier to cut and install, the Wieland-Wrisco Endurex™ 555 panel passed all National “hurricane” testing requirements and meets the Miami Dade Testing Requirements. Testing and certification for Miami-Dade County approvals let architects, specifiers, buyers and Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) know that products meet the unique requirements for a hurricane prone area. When severe weather strikes, the performance of a product could be what saves homes and lives. Intertek provides the testing and certification services necessary to assure products are protected against all environmental changes.


  • Standard Sizes: 48” x 96”, 48” x 120” and 48” x 144”.
  • Finished panels also offered cut-to-size.
  • Optional Sizes: 60” x 120”.
  • Minimums may apply.
  • Not available in all substrates and/or aluminum finishes.
  • Fire-Rating: Class A.
  • Stabilizer Thickness: .060”.
  • Engineered Reinforced Plastic Composite.
  • Foam Thickness: 0.75” + Closed Cell
  • Aluminum Thickness: .032”, .040”, .060”
  • Some aluminum thicknesses may have minimum quantities and longer lead times.
  • Aluminum Widths: 48” Available in all colors, 60” Available in limited colors. (Call for selections)