Why is Aluminum Used in Construction?

Why is Aluminum Used in Construction?

When it comes to modern building construction, aluminum is the most sought out metal. Many years ago, most construction depended on steel to carry out the task of providing structure. It was widely believed that steel was the ultimate metal to use for creating buildings. Years later, however, experts came to realize that the properties of aluminum actually outweighed the benefits that steel provided. And since then, aluminum has been the dominant product for creating buildings of all sorts, including skyscrapers.

If you wish to learn more about why aluminum is preferred in building construction, then continue below to learn about this metal’s magnificent properties.

Aluminum’s Density to Strength Ratio

For years, it has been widely believed that steel is much stronger than aluminum. But truth be told, however, when asked if steel is stronger, there is really no conclusive answer. If you took an aluminum sheet and a steel sheet of the same density and size, then the steel sheet is likely to win in strength. But if you were to increase the density of the aluminum sheet while still retaining its size, you will find that the aluminum sheet is just as strong – maybe even stronger. On top of that, even by increasing the density, you will find that the aluminum sheet is still more lightweight than the steel one.

Aluminum’s density to strength ratio and lightweight properties are just a few of many reasons why construction and architectural experts use this metal. By purchasing strong compact aluminum products from a reliable manufacturer, such as Wrisco, customers have found they can create near-perfect buildings.

But this alone is not the only reason why aluminum is most ideal for construction. Other significant properties of this metal are listed below.

Airtight Buildings

Construction experts have found that windows with frames made from aluminum are totally airtight. Because of this, dust, air, and even water can’t penetrate a building’s exterior. This has proven to be most beneficial to property owners who rely on A/C systems to provide a comfortable environment.

Invulnerable to Cold Temperatures

At low temperatures, some metals, such as steel, can become brittle and lose their strength. This is stressful for many property owners whose buildings are made of steel. More than regular building maintenance is especially needed for those whose steel-constructed properties reside in areas where cold weather can occur.

But when it comes to aluminum, the opposite effect actually takes place. When in contact with low temperatures, aluminum becomes stronger in strength. And because of increased strength in colder climates, property owners worry less of structural failure. More so, only low maintenance is required.


Aluminum’s reflectivity is very high. Because of this, the metal does not absorb as much radiant heat as other metals will. So during Summer days, you can expect your building to retain interior cooling for residents, guests, and customers alike.

Rust & Corrosion Resistance

Lastly, and what is perhaps its most admirable property, Aluminum is both rust and corrosion-resistant. The metal can withstand humid and dry conditions very well. Other than standard buildings, aluminum is also used for power plants, paper mills, and chemical plants for this same reason. So you can relax knowing that your building’s structure will last for a very long time.

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