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alpolicpanels2WRISCO INDUSTRIES INC. is a proud distributor of ALPOLIC®’S ALUMINUM COMPOSITE MATERIAL (ACM)!  ALPOLIC® panels  are available for both exterior and interior applications, and have been used extensively in exterior architectural applications such as building fascia, cladding service station canopies, storefront entryways and column covers.  ALPOLIC® is also the ideal choice for signage, store fixturing, food service merchandisers, kiosks, POP displays, trade show exhibits and fascia systems.  ALPOLIC®, produced by Mitsubishi Chemical America, Inc., is the world leader in aluminum composite material technology.

ALPOLIC® aluminum composite panels retain remarkable tensile strength and deliver superior flatness, rigidity and stability under changing thermal conditions.  Since they are lightweight and easy to attach, ALPOLIC®‘s panel system has proven itself to be the perfect system for building cladding.  ALPOLIC® speeds construction times and cuts costs in labor and materials alike.  ALPOLIC® provides an ACM that offers the rigidity of heavy gauge sheet metal in a lightweight aluminum faced composite material.  ALPOLIC® offers superior flatness, vibration dampening, extreme durability and ease of maintenance.

Wrisco stocks ALPOLIC®’s service station canopy corporate identity program colors and white.  All ALPOLIC® standard stock and preformulated products are available through Wrisco.  In addition, Wrisco can offer your design project unique architectural finishes such as ALPOLIC®’s Stone Series Composite: marble and granite; Textured Composite: stucco, wood grain and leather; Exotic Metal Composite: copper, stainless steel, titanium and zinc and Storefront Decorative Metal Composite: high polished, brushed and anodized.

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