Benefits Of Using ACM Panels During Construction

Benefits Of Using ACM Panels During Construction

Aluminum composite panels, also known as ACM Panels are constructed by securing two aluminum sheets to a non-aluminum core. These panels are engineered for long-lasting durability when used in the new construction of buildings and signage alike. ACM Panels offer consumers an economical solution for construction, paired with a streamlined and contemporary aesthetic. Using ACM panels offers a number of benefits when used in new construction, including:

ACM Panels Offer Unmatched Durability

Thanks to ACM Panels being a mix of metal and plastic, these panels are durable and resistant to inclement weather and staining. Additionally, they’re constructed with a solid barrier, which allows those inside the building to enjoy reduced sound from the outdoors. Regardless of weather conditions, ACM panels retain their shape and size. This means they’re perfect for regions with harsh seasons, like intense sunlight during the summer or brutal cold during the winter. Furthermore, ACM panels are resistant to corrosion. The incredible durability of ACM panels means they’ll last for years to come.

ACM Panels Are Affordable

ACM panels are among the most economical construction materials on the market. They offer a low initial cost paired with long-lasting durability, which offers property owners savings from the onset of the construction process. ACM panels also offer high thermal performance, meaning building owners can save on energy and gas expenses. ACM panels are the most affordable and cost-effective construction materials on the market.

ACM Panels Are Safe

Aluminum doesn’t burn, making ACM Panels a fireproof option. Aluminum begins to melt when exposed to temperatures of 650 degrees centigrade, or 1202 degrees Fahrenheit. When aluminum does melt, it will not emit fumes and gasses that could be harmful to the inhabitants of a home or building, or the surrounding environment.

Little-To-No Maintenance Required

ACM panels require little to no maintenance. They will preserve the look and feel of the structure longer than any other construction material. To remove dirt and dust on an ACM panels, all that’s required is a wiping with a clean cloth.

Tons Of Colors To Choose From

Many construction materials are offered in limited colors. ACM panels, on the other hand, are offered in a wide variety of different colors and shades. This means buyers no longer have to settle for the closest option to the color they had their eye on.

Choose Wrisco To Be Your ACM Panel Provider Of Choice

ACM Panels are a great construction material for new construction and renovation alike. Wrisco is the top-dog distributor of ACM Panels, courtesy of Alpolic® ACM. Want to learn more about how Wrisco and Alpolic ACM Panels? Give us a call at (800) 627-2646 or contact us online.