Aluminum Vs Steel, Hurricane Protection Made Easy

Aluminum Vs Steel, Hurricane Protection Made Easy

Nobody likes dealing with hurricanes, especially when it comes to prepping for them. You will have to get the proper materials and ensure that your property is protected accordingly. But what is even worse than prepping for them is constructing properties that are made to withstand them. Getting the right materials is not all too difficult. However, you will have to deal with a constantly postponed completion date considering the installation of common hurricane-resistant steel components is time-consuming. With Wrisco, though, you will not have to worry about pushed back completion dates. In fact, Wrisco’s aluminum products — namely their Endurex ™ 555 product — are fabricated to withstand hurricanes and are even regarded as the ideal product for hurricane-resistance during construction.

If you happen to be an architect or the supervisor of a construction project, you can never go wrong with choosing Wrisco as your aluminum supplier. Below are some reasons as to why their aluminum products serve as the ideal building material choice against hurricanes.

Aluminum Vs Steel


Hurricane Protection

Concerning Steel

Before we explain why aluminum is the better choice, it is important that you know why steel is not.

Steel has been relied on for many ages as the ultimate building material. Over the years, however, individuals have begun to recognize that steel is not all that it is made out to be. Compared to aluminum, steel lacks three major components:

  • Versatility in Installation
  • Easy to Cut
  • Thinness for a Higher R-Value

When it comes to installation, most steel panels come with a single steel side and require an installation guideline for construction workers, making it a hassle for installation to continue unobstructed. And to add insult to injury, whenever a custom fit is needed for a steel component, cutting steel can take a while. Plus, their thick design can also make it unbearable to properly adjust them into the proper position for installation.

Wrisco’s Aluminum Hurricane Resistant Products

Aluminum is one of the most highly idealized materials used in construction. And if you happen to be managing a building project in a region prone to seasonal hurricanes, our aluminum panels are a must-need, especially our Endurex™ 555.

Our Endurex™ 555 differs greatly from your steel sheet metal and it is also a huge improvement from the standard aluminum sheets you’ve relied on before. Through their partnership with Nudo,  Wrisco has engineered a lightweight yet durable composite material that outperforms all other products in the market.

While our Endurex™ 555 panels are lighter, easier to cut, and easier to install, they pass all national hurricane testing requirements and even meet the Miami Dade testing requirements. The testing and certification for Miami-Dade County approvals allow architects, specifiers, buyers, and Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) to know that the products they purchase meet the unique requirements for a hurricane-prone area.

Other than ultimate protection and easy-use, our Endurex™ 555 is also available in numerous colors and is also offered cut-to-size.

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Aluminum Panels For The


Ultimate Hurricane



If you are managing or designing any commercial construction project and are looking for the ultimate protection against powerful storms, trust Wrisco to be your sheet metal supplier. Wrisco’s quality aluminum is constructed with the clients’ needs in mind. That being said, you can best believe that your aluminum panels are made to withstand the powerful force of any hurricane and will keep the foundation of your projects secure. For any inquiries, you may visit Wrisco’s Contact Page HERE.