Architectural Copper Applications

Architectural Copper Applications

Over the last few years, we’ve seen a substantial increase in the use of copper being used for architectural applications across the country. A material that dates back hundreds of years, it’s quickly becoming very popular yet again. Copper has always been an integral part of architecture, from the ancient Egyptian temple doors to European medieval designs. Most notably in American culture is that which was built using 80 tons worth or copper sheet-the Statue Of Liberty! This metal proved so easily manipulable by humans through pounding and cutting with hammers producing thicknesses equivalent two US pennies placed together at their finest point.

We still rely on copper for its ability to be easily stretched, molded and shaped. This is why it’s used in a wide variety of applications today such as wiring or pipes that need an aesthetically pleasing finish with low maintenance characteristics – something not all metals can provide! Today, we find architectural copper being used in a variety of applications, including:

Architectural Applications:


When it comes to roofing, the durability of copper is unparalleled. Not only does this metal withstand fire, hail and mildew with ease but can also last up to 50 years or more in regular care! Copper roofs are an efficient way to keep your home cool and light. They also have many other benefits, such as being incredibly lightweight in comparison with heavier metals such as lead and steel that can significantly weigh buildings down or require expensive support structures.

Wall Cladding

Copper wall cladding is not only beautiful, but it also offers an excellent solution for architects in need of protection from the elements. It can be used on exterior surfaces such as building exteriors or roofs with varying levels requirements including those that require more durability than other materials might provide without sacrificing aesthetics.

Fueling increased interest among designers has been this new availability—copper sheets offer stylish yet functional solutions tailored specifically to each project’s specific needs! Architectural copper is work-ready, capable of being shaped to fit your specifications immediately.

Interior Accents

Copper has been used to create a luxurious feeling in public spaces like hotels and restaurants. The rich tones of this building material can be found aesthetically enhancing interior design elements such as walls, ceiling fixtures, furniture, and hardware with its warmth, tranquility, and calmness. In addition, copper has natural, intrinsic antimicrobial properties against a variety of disease, viruses, and bacteria. This makes it ideal for things such as handrails where multiple hands have to touch it every single day.

Architectural copper is surely to grow in popularity as the years go on—make sure you’re ahead of the trend with Weiland-Wrisco! Weiland-Wrisco proudly offers its architectural copper products throughout the United States. You can learn more about our copper roofing sheet, copper roofing coil, and other architectural copper products today, simply contact us today!