4 Facts About Architectural Copper’s Sustainability

4 Facts About Architectural Copper’s Sustainability

Architectural copper provides your project with a level of style and elegance not found with any other metal building material on the market. Not only is architectural copper stunning, but it also offers architects and builders a very sustainable material that is far less demanding on the environment. Architectural copper is such a sustainable building material because:

A Third of The Global Supply Of Copper Is Recycled

Since it was first used by humans, copper has been a highly used material throughout the world due to its incredible capabilities as a building material. Its ability to be 100% recycled ensures it can be used for decades on end throughout various applications as needed. In fact, ⅓ of the entire global circulation of copper is recycled copper, or nearly 8,000,000 tons! It’s estimated that 80% of all copper ever utilized by humans in the last 10,000 years is still in circulation today. As demand continues to grow for architectural copper, you can expect to see more recycled copper enter circulation, while still retaining all of its impressive capabilities.

It’s A Incredibly Lightweight Material

Architectural copper is a very lightweight material, which helps tremendously with transportation. As you’re able to transport much more copper compared to other materials at a time, you’re able to reduce the amount of fossil fuels burnt during transportation, and thus putting less stress on the environment as a whole.

Tremendous Lifespan

Unlike other building materials, architectural copper has an extended lifespan, allowing it to extend past its viability as a building material long past other common options. Its ability to withstand the environment allows itself to keep its integrity no matter where installed and for what use.

High Energy Efficiency

Architectural copper is highly energy efficient, as it keeps your building cool when used as exterior wall cladding or roofing. This, in turn, allows your building’s HVAC system to run far cooler than it would otherwise, thus using far less energy year in and year out.

With architectural copper installed in your next project, you can rest knowing you’re using a material that not only surpasses its competition, it exceeds expectations. Looking for architectural copper for your next big project? Wieland-Wrisco has you covered. For over 100 years, we’ve been the leading metal supplier across the country, and we’re always eager to help supply your job. Contact us today online and learn more about how Wieland-Wrisco can help!