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WIELAND-WRISCO INDUSTRIES INC. is a proud distributor of ALPOLIC®’S ALUMINUM COMPOSITE MATERIAL (ACM). ALPOLIC® panels are available for both exterior and interior applications and have been used extensively in exterior architectural applications such as building fascia, storefront entryways, curtainwalls, cladding service station canopies, and column covers. ALPOLIC® is also the ideal choice for signage, store fixturing, food service merchandisers, kiosks, point-of-purchase displays, trade show exhibits, and fascia systems. ALPOLIC®, produced by Mitsubishi Chemical Composites, Inc. is the respected world leader in aluminum composite material technology. Wieland-Wrisco is the top ALPOLIC® aluminum composite material supplier in the United States and beyond.

ACM Panels Offer Unmatched Durability

Alpolic ACM panels from WIELAND-WRISCO are durable and resistant to weather and stains. Not only are they great in terms of ease of use during construction, but those inside the building will experience reduced sound from the outside surroundings. ACM Panels always retain their shape and size, regardless of the weather. This makes them ideal for regions that experience harsh weather, like heavy snowfall or extreme sunlight. Furthermore, ACM panels are incredibly resistant to corrosion. Aploic ACM Panels from WIELAND-WRISCO will remain structurally sound and can be enjoyed for years after installation. If you’re looking for a new aluminum composite material supplier, Wieland-Wrisco is here for you.

Experience The Economical Benefit Of ACM Panels

When it comes to the cost of construction material, ACM Panels are among the most cost-effective on the market. They offer a low initial cost and require little to no maintenance. Thanks to ACM Panels, the cost of construction is far lower than it used to be. Additionally, ACM Panels offer increased thermal comfort. This allows property owners to save on energy and gas expenses during the winter and summer months. Trust Wieland-Wrisco – the top Alpolic ACM Panel distributor in the United States.

A Safe Construction Method

Aluminum doesn’t burn, making Apolic ACM Panels from WIELAND-WRISCO a safe construction method. Once the material reaches approximately 1202 degrees Fahrenheit, it will begin to melt. But, ACM panels will never emit fumes or gasses that could be harmful to the residents of the building, or the environment around it. Aluminum composite material offers a slew of benefits during the construction phase, making it one of the most revolutionary materials in the world. Looking to use aluminum composite material on your next project, and need a supplier? Look no further than Wieland-Wrisco.

Applications Of ACM Panels

Aluminum Composite Material has a number of applications, ranging from beautiful architecture to storefronts, gas stations and more. At WIELAND-WRISCO, we work with those across all different sorts of industries, and we find that ACM Panels are one of the most requested products we offer. Why? It’s simple – there’s no safer, faster,  and easier construction method on the market when it comes to building fabrication or renovations.


ACM Panels are a great solution for architectural professionals that are looking to create something one-of-a-kind with their next project. The aluminum composite material is incredibly malleable, meaning it can be formed into all different sorts of shapes. Regardless of the scope or size of your architectural project, Alpolic Aluminum Composite Panels from WIELAND-WRISCO are sure to be a great fit.

Corporate Branding

Due to Alpolic ACM Panels ultra-flexible attributes, it can be used for corporate branding at storefronts, offices, and much more. Sign makers across the country are already taking advantage of how easy ACM Panels are to use, so why aren’t you? Trust Alpolic ACM Panels from WIELAND-WRISCO to provide you with second-to-none corporate branding opportunities.

Gas Stations

Gas station canopies, signs, and facades are being created with ACM Panels across the globe due to their ease of use. There has never been an easier way to create unforgettable, beautifully constructed gas stations thanks to Alpolic ACM Panels. If you’re looking for easy gas station construction methods, Alpolic Aluminum Composite Panels are a great option.

WIELAND-WRISCO Is The Premier Provider Of ACM Panels In The United States And Beyond

WIELAND-WRISCO is the top-dog of the aluminum industry, and Alplolic ACM panels are one of our specialties. When it comes to aluminum composite material suppliers, Wieland-Wrisco is second-to-none. If you’re looking to reduce costs during construction with safe materials, choose Apolic ACM Panels from Wieland-Wrisco. We’re proud to be the top Alpolic ACM Panel distributor in the United States and beyond.


ALPOLIC® aluminum composite panels retain remarkable tensile strength and deliver superior flatness, rigidity and stability under changing thermal conditions.  Since they are lightweight and easy to attach, ALPOLIC®‘s panel system has proven itself to be the perfect system for building cladding.  ALPOLIC® speeds construction times and cuts costs in labor and materials alike.  ALPOLIC® provides an ACM that offers the rigidity of heavy gauge sheet metal in a lightweight aluminum faced composite material.  ALPOLIC® offers superior flatness, vibration dampening, extreme durability and ease of maintenance.

All ALPOLIC® standard stock, corporate identity and preformulated products are available through Wieland-Wrisco. Wieland-Wrisco is the premier aluminum composite material supplier in the United States.  Enjoy a vast color pallet of Corporate Identity, Architectural and Custom Color options to create memorable masterpieces.  In addition, Wieland-Wrisco can offer your design project unique architectural finishes such as ALPOLIC®’s Matte, Solid Color, Mica, Metallic, Prismatic, Timber Series, Stone Series, Decorative Metals, Multi-Color, Pattern Series, Natural, Exotic Metals and Anodized.

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